Best PC Games Of All Time

Best 100 PC Games

There is a list of Top 100 Games of all time. Finding or rank the best PC games is not an easy task. There are many extra-ordinary games that are available for the PC. In such a order to make that slightly easier, we decided to remain to relatively upcoming and newer games and have tried to handle as many different versions as possible. Obviously, there are tons of games who deserve to be on this list, but you definitely never go wrong with these. Get Updated with us.

100. Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO in 2019 is a recreation I shouldn’t care approximately. When it released in 2016 it became in lots of approaches a mediocre enjoy. Outside of catching the unique 151 Pokemon the sport itself relied closely at the nostalgia of the Pokemon franchise and augmented fact gimmick of getting them display up withinside the actual world. If you didn’t care approximately the IP, the sport itself became very lacking. In 2019, the sport is flooded with a large number of responsibilities, activities, and activities that could contain all people from your self to a massive institution of human. These additions create an enjoy that incentivizes customers to be greater devoted to each day play with out feeling like a grind. Friendship has been delivered and permits customers to now change gifts, change or maybe conflict every other. Quests (studies responsibilities as they're stated in-recreation) were introduced that praise objects or even unique Pokemon. Events now fill every month’s calendar with new (and now and again shiny) Pokemon, different rewards and new approaches to play the sport. There is even a burgeoning aggressive PVP scene which gave Pokemon GO its first-ever look on the Pokemon World Championships this 12 months.

The listing is going on of all of the mechanics and factors that make Pokemon GO a recreation that’s really well worth gambling each day in 2019. As Andrew Goldfarb said final 12 months while we named Pokemon GO our hundredth recreation, “it's miles as applicable for what takes place outdoor of the sport as what takes place in it,” and to this present day that couldn't be greater true. Few video games in records have performed as a whole lot to convey collectively groups of the maximum disparate interests, locations, cultures, and so on as a whole lot as Pokemon GO has. The reviews I even have had, the locations I even have long gone and the human beings I even have met due to Pokemon GO are all a part of why it's miles nonetheless so unique to this present day. With the sport having its highest-grossing month because launch, it is secure to mention Pokemon GO isn't always going...anywhere, mainly now no longer off of this listing.

Did You Know ?

  • There are presently five (of eight) generations of Pokemon withinside the game, with greater being introduced every year.

  • The game has helped several local businesses attract growth just by setting up lures and watching potential customers pour in.

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99. Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 improved an high-quality hobby to Legendary status. The real Borderlands captured the eye of gamers, seemingly from out of nowhere, and its sequel took everything that made the real terrific and extended on it. From its seamless continuation of the Borderlands vault looking lore, to its unmatched writing, Borderlands 2 stays the excessive thing withinside the Borderlands franchise. Borderlands three is overflowing with enhancements over its predecessor The Pre-Sequel, however Borderlands 2 even though can't be beat for its high-quality levels, high-quality DLC, and series-first-class villain, Handsome Jack.

Did You Know ?

  • Damage counters withinside the Borderlands collection have been at the beginning a debug characteristic for the programmers and in part stimulated through RPGs like Final Fantasy. Game testers preferred it so much, it have become part of the collection.

  • An Easter egg withinside the Caustic Caverns stage unlocks a Minecraft head for gamers who discover its off-map region and defeat a massive Creeper.

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98. Divinity: Original Sin 2

When I became famished for Dungeons and Dragons, Divinity: Original Sin 2 stuffed that void for me. It gave me the liberty to cheat, steal, kill, or convince my manner with kindness thru the marketing campaign with a friend (or three!) similar to in D&D. Creative play isn't always handiest allowed, however recommended and deliberately made feasible via way of means of the developers. It felt freeing gambling a massive RPG that rewards “cheating” the system, and encountering NPCs and warring parties that well known and react to it. I’ve for the reason that advocated it to all of my real-lifestyles D&D parties, and they’ve all come lower back with the identical opinion: This is the exceptional D&D enjoy you may get from a video game. DOS2 even has a Game Master mode, which helps you to construct your very own campaigns. But, the integrated tale is decidedly lots and almost infinitely replayable. The premade characters all have their very own unique storylines, and the severa manner matters pan out depend upon participant actions, backstory choices, race, and more. Whether gambling on an smooth or difficult trouble setting, as an Elf Ranger or an Undead Conjurer, as a beneficial adventurer or a murderous thief, DOS2 is a amusing myth international to wander off in regardless of what.

Did You Know ?

  • The "Definitive Edition" would not simply encompass stepped forward visuals - it absolutely reworks the game's 1/3 act.

  • Funds for the sport have been procured thru Kickstarter, the marketing campaign for which become completely funded (after which some) in much less than 12 hours.

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97. Dishonored

Dishonored controlled to respire new lifestyles right into a faltering stealth style via way of means of invigorating gamers with a number of magical talents and wickedly smart equipment for each occasion. By permitting you to get innovative with stealth (or a complete lack thereof), gamers may want to slip thru tiers like a ghostly wraith, or slice up unsuspecting foes as a murderous spirit of vengeance. Dishonored revitalized the stealth style with its method to profitable every playstyle: whether or not difficult your self to stay unseen and getting your revenge with out ever spilling blood, or springing lethal traps and getting rid of objectives withinside the maximum grotesque manner possible. Its tiers are impeccably designed to praise cautious exploration and planning, and offer more than one methods to finish targets with secrets and techniques filled in each corner.

Did You Know ?

  • Though he by no means spoke in Dishonored, protagonist Corvo Attano changed into voiced through Stephen Russell in Dishonored 2, who performed every other iconic stealth protagonist: Garrett from the Thief series.

  • Each of the principle goals in Dishonored may be removed via way of means of nonlethal means - however the consequences are every so often a destiny worse than death.

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96. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is a landmark JRPG for a whole lot of reasons, however a lot of its achievements have now been misplaced to the winds of time and technological progress. Yet, its age has performed not anything to extrade its popularity because the series' maximum famous and cherished entry, which has come approximately way to its huge forged of detailed, emotionally-pushed characters that adventure thru one of the maximum memorable worlds to emerge from Japan's improvement scene. Fundamentally a tale approximately handling loss and grief, Final Fantasy VII capabilities bothered heroes preventing in opposition to the company would possibly of the Shinra company, that is unexpectedly inflicting planetary devastation withinside the call of profit. The pacing of this always well timed story is its masterstroke; Square permits you to slowly fall for its rag-tag bunch of eco-terrorists earlier than introducing its principal villain - the for all time chilling Sephiroth - after which focussing the tale on a good deal greater private stakes, regardless of the looming apocalypse. While ordinary the tale is heavy and sombre, the arena flourishes on its idiosyncrasies - a whole lot of weird incidental enemies, comedic minigames, and an increasing number of absurdly sized swords. It's this mixture of mild and darkish that makes Final Fantasy VII such a long-lasting JRPG classic.

Did You Know ?

  • Originally supposed to release at the SNES, then the Nintendo 64, earlier than subsequently touchdown at the authentic PlayStation.Final Fantasy VII became at the beginning set to be evolved for the SNES as a conventional 2D JRPG, following the tale of a detective investigating the destruction of Midgar.

  • Ruby and Emeral Weapon - the game's toughest elective bosses - had been now no longer withinside the unique Japanese model of Final Fantasy VII. They had been brought for the North American and European releases.

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