Age Of Empires Trilogy Cheat Codes

Age Of Empires

Here is all the Cheats of Age of Empires(1,2 and 3).

Age of Empires is a Real Time Strategic Game, and it is one of the most famous game of all time. Check Out all the cheat Codes of Age of Empires Trilogy Here and get updated with us ...

Age of Empires for laptop, additionally known as AOE, is one of those classic approach games a good way to by no means exit of style and maintain to hold its vicinity in video gaming, even in the contemporary generation way to the launch of Age of Empires Definitive edition. the new launch yet again demonstrates what it's miles, one of the best real-time method video games of all time, and the Age of Empires cheat codes are amazing amusing.

However also, one of the things we like the maximum in Age of Empires is being able to use a sequence of Age of the Empires cheat codes a good way to permit us to finish the sport one hundred% very quickly and could help us to emerge victorious from all battles, by means of being capable of generate countless sources (rocks, gold, food, and wooden), assist with production, or create devices with that are invincible in all skirmishes.

Age Of Empires 1

  • BIGDADDY: black car with rocket launcher.
  • PEPPERONI PIZZA: 1000 Food.
  • COINAGE: 1000 Gold.
  • QUARRY: 1000 Stone.
  • WOODSTOCK: 1000 Wood.
  • UPSIDFLINTMOBILE: Chariot Archer becomes Faster.
  • DIEDIEDIE: All Enemy Units Will Die.
  • STEROIDS: Build Everything Insanely Fast.
  • PHOTON MAN: A man With Laser Gun.
  • E = MC2 TROOPER: Man Cames with Nuclear Pistol.
  • GAIA: It will give you the power to control the nature but after that you can lose control over your civilisation.
  • HOYOHOYO: Clerics Becomes Faster and Stronger.
  • NO FOG: Remove the Fog of War.
  • REVEAL MAP:Reveals every penny of the map.
  • BIGDADDY: black car with rocket launcher.
  • MEDUSA:Converts villager into a jellyfish.
  • POW:Powerful Units that travels on a Tricycle.
  • HARI KARI:Lose the Game.
  • HOME RUN:Win the Game.
  • JACK BE NIMBLE:The catapults Generates villagers and Cow.
  • ICBM:Your Ballistics and Helepolis have a range of 100.

Age Of Empires 2

  • CHEESE STEAK JIMMY'S:1000 food.
  • ROBIN HOOD: 1000 Gold.
  • ROCK ON: 1000 Stone.
  • LUMBERJACK: 1000 Wood.
  • AEGIS:Superfast Construction.
  • HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON:You Will Get a Cobra Car
  • NATURAL WONDERS:Allows You To Control Animals.
  • MARCO:Reveals The Entire Map.
  • RESIGN: Lose The Game Immediately.
  • I R WINNER:Instant Victory.
  • BLACK DEATH:Kill All Opponents.
  • TORPEDO(1-8):Kill the indicated opponent, the number to be entered so that to destroy the opponent or enemy.
  • POLO:No Fog Of War.
  • TO SMITHEREENS:You get a Saboteur.
  • I LOVE THE MONKEY HEAD:You Get a VMDL character, "Villager Male Dave Lewis".
  • WOOF WOOF:Get a Flying Dog With a Cape.
  • FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY:Generate the Super Monkey to Destroy the Building.

Age Of Empires 3

  • A RECENT STUDY INDICATED THAT 100% OF HERDABLES ARE OBESE:All Animals on the Map become Fatty .
  • MEDIUM RARE PLEASE: 10,000 Food.
  • <CENSORED>: 10,000 Wood.
  • NOVA AND ORION: 10,000 Experience.
  • TUCK TUCK TUCK:Red Truck that can go over Everything.
  • SOOO GOOD: Activate "Musketeer'ed!" when musketeers kill you.
  • TRADE PLZ: 10,000 Exports.